6 Mistakes First Years at University Want to Avoid

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Are you going through your first year or about to start university? There are some pretty common mistakes among first year students we share with you so as to help you make sure you avoid them at all cost!

The transition from secondary school to university-level education is a challenging process, and for many students, it’s the first time away from family and friends. This experience may be intimidating and overwhelming, which is why it’s important to prepare for this challenging journey.

In order to make the most out of university and avoid freefalls, students should prepare for their higher education journey beforehand. A huge part of preparing for the future is learning about others’ mistakes. They provide us with insights and experiences we haven’t gone through yet that will prepare us for what’s coming and will help us foresee and avoid potential pitfalls. 

There are some mistakes that are extremely common among first year university students we will share with you below. Being aware of something is the best way to prevent it. Both soon-to-be and current university students alike, if you remember the following mistakes, you will make sure you avoid going down the same road. 

First years: Avoid the following mistakes 


Not doing something we don’t feel like doing might feel like we dodged a bullet for a while, but procrastination only has negative consequences sooner or later. Putting off an assignment for a day may be harmless, but don’t get used to this relieving feeling so much or you will end up having a great time, but missing assignments, cramming, stressing, and even feeling guilty in the short or long run. 

Pulling too many all-nighters

One of the consequences of procrastination is cramming, which means studying hard the day, or days, before an exam and trying to study as much as possible, sometimes without sleeping the nights heading to the exam or only taking short naps. This won’t help you in any way, as our brains reason better when we are well rested and fed. 

Revision works much better when it comes to studying for exams. Don’t leave studying until the last minute. Instead, make sure you have plenty of time to study at least a few hours a day, which will work much better than cramming, and you will be able to really take in what you’ve studied, understand it, and remember it in the long run.

Skipping classes

Missing one class or two won’t harm you, but don’t take it to the extreme. Some students show up on test day, but it won’t be enough to succeed at university. Classes are there for a reason, and taking full advantage of them is vital, as they provide students with the opportunity to learn from experienced people, ask questions, exchange ideas, and get rid of doubts.

Trying to go it alone

Even though university studies require students to develop a sense of independence, this doesn’t mean they have to do everything on their own! Knowing when to seek help is a huge part of learning to be independent. They go hand in hand. 

When you are having a hard time understanding a certain topic or are stressed out, looking for both peer help and professional help is vital, not only to succeed at university, but also to stay healthy.

Biting off more than you can chew

Taking more classes than you can handle and overloading your schedule with courses and extracurricular activities will only lead to stress, and it will take all your excitement for college away. Not only will you not enjoy your classes, but you will also get sick!

You need to give yourself time to study, take care of your health, relax, go out with friends, and overall enjoy your life at university. We highly advise students to try to find a balance between studying and life outside of school, as well as making sure you take only what you can do without burning out!

If you avoid these common mistakes, you will have an easier time at university! Do you need more information? Click here to find more of our insightful articles. You can also fill out the form on our website so that one of our advisors can contact you and answer any questions you might have.

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