Top 8 Skills All Great Lawyers Have

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Are you interested in pursuing a degree in law and preparing to become a great lawyer? Find out what it takes to be a great lawyer.

If you want to be great at what you do, you need to make sure you develop some skills that enable you to do your job in the most effective way possible.

All careers require professionals to develop a certain set of skills. When it comes to law, the following are some of the skills that you need to develop if you want to make sure you are great in this profession.

What Makes a Great Lawyer?

Research Skills

Research skills are vital for lawyers, as law professionals are constantly doing extensive research on old cases and precedents in order to find solutions that apply for the case they are currently facing. 


There are many kinds of jobs that require professionals to be teamworkers, but this skill is especially important for law professionals. Even if lawyers work a lot on their own, they are also many times faced with the need to work with colleagues, which is why it’s essential that they have some skills related to teamwork, including the ability to listen and talk when appropriate, being respectful of others’ opinions and ideas, and being empathetic.

Work Under Pressure

Many times, lawyers will be forced to juggle several cases at the same time, which tend to have tight deadlines. For that reason, being able to keep their cool, focus on each case at a time but without missing any deadlines is essential.


Being decisive when the situation demands it is essential! Being able to work in teams is important, but lawyers do a lot of work on their own, which is why they must develop a huge deal of independence. 

Communication Skills

All great lawyers are great communicators, both verbally and in writing.

Verbal communication is perhaps the most important skill for those who want to become barristers, as they will be in charge of communicating arguments in a persuasive manner to both the judge and the jury. As this skill will also be essential in client meetings, phone calls, presentations, and many other kinds of activities, barristers aren’t the only ones who must be good communicators

Written communication is another important skill for lawyers, since they are constantly involved in written activities, whether drafting documents, writing letters to clients, or drawing up contracts.

Attention to Detail

Lawyers are constantly faced with large amounts of documents, which is why the ability to spot key pieces of information is a must! Whether looking for evidence to support your case or proofreading a contract, being attentive to details will certainly make the whole process easier and more efficient.


A lawyer’s #1 priority should be to take the time to understand clients’ individual concerns. A lawyer’s practice should be geared towards their needs. Being able to understand people and empathize with them is a must.

Problem Solving

Lawyers must develop problem solving skills that enable them to explore new avenues, ideas, and arguments when faced with adversity in a case. 

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