Top 10 Universities to Study Biology in the UK

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Is pursuing a degree in Biology something you have in mind for this year? If you want to make sure you get the best education in the UK, here are the best universities to study Biology. 

Choosing what to study is only part of the decision-making process that comes with the thought of pursuing a higher education degree after high school. Even though choosing a degree is the most important and difficult decision to make regarding your higher education, there’s more to it than that.

After choosing the what, we need to focus on the where! And this decision is also extremely important, since the quality of our education and, in turn, our future job opportunities, are at stake.

Choosing the university where we will pursue a degree is also a tough decision, since there are several aspects that will have different degrees of importance when determining the university we choose. When it comes to choosing a university, we strongly recommend that students focus on picking a university that stands out because of the degree we are interested in. 

How to make sure you get the best education in Biology

In order to make sure students get the best education in the UK and study in a prestigious environment that stands out because of the degree they want to pursue, studying at one of the best universities for biology is key. 

A Bachelor’s degree in Biology leads to a wide range of career paths. No matter what your career goals are, whether you are taking biology as a foundation for medical school or any other kind of profession, earning a degree at a prestigious Biology department will prepare you to compete and stand out in the field. 

You’ll acquire the most demanded skills in the field and you’ll learn from the most experienced professors you can find. All this will prepare you to compete in the job market with the highest degree of preparation available in the UK, and even the world.

Before we dig into the best universities to pursue a degree in Biology in the UK, we would like to share with you the reasons why Biology is a great degree.

Reasons to pursue a degree in Biology

When choosing a degree, students must bear several aspects in mind. Some of the most important ones include their interests and their expectations for the future. 

Those who are curious about nature and living things should definitely consider Biology as their perfect career path.

Bachelor’s degrees in Biology are designed to provide students with a deep insight into the natural world. In addition, these programs teach students to conduct research and provide them with highly demanded skills, such as problem solving, organization, critical thinking, and many others.

In addition to acquiring highly demanded skills, biology graduates go on to pursue a wide range of exciting career paths. A bachelor’s degree in biology opens doors to a higher number of career opportunities you may imagine. There are career paths for every taste, including environment, agriculture, wildlife, botany, laboratory sciences, and even medicine. 

Now you know why you should pursue a Bachelor in Biology if you are passionate about life! Below, you’ll find the top 10 universities in the UK to pursue the degree of your dreams. 

Best Universities to study Biology in the UK

10. University of Birmingham

9. Newcastle University

8. University of Glasgow

7. King's College London

6. University of Manchester

5. University of Edinburgh

4. Imperial College London

3. University College London

2. University of Oxford

1. University of Cambridge

These universities’ biology departments’ quality is unmatched. Do you want to get the best education in biology? Any of these universities will help you make sure of that.

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