Indecisive about your major? Here are the Top 5 for you

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

For those students who are undecided about what major to pursue in college, here are the best majors. 

Some students know what they want to study in college from the minute they start the college application process or even sooner. These students walk into an undergraduate program without even having second thoughts. 

However, not all students have it this easy. In fact, most students take longer to make their decision, as they spend some time undeclared while considering the pros and cons of each option. 

For some of these students, this is a stressful and difficult process. Some may feel worried, others many feel a step behind everyone else. But all of them should bear in mind that it is common to feel anxious and undecided because it is their future that is at stake, even if changing majors is possible if they end up finding out they didn’t make the right choice. 

If you are one of those students, first of all, you should know that there is nothing wrong with not knowing right away what you want to do, because worrying about the future is something natural to the human race.

Below, you'll find some major that may be perfect for you if you don't want to define and limit your future right now. Why? Because they offer a more general education. So, if you like a certain subject, some of the following majors may interest you and allow you to receive a general education that will take you down several roads you will have to narrow down later on.

1. Biology

Students who pursue a biology major are exposed to topics related to plants, animals, humans, the ecosystem, among others. There are so many areas within biology that, if you are interested in science, this is a perfect major for you. You’ll have the opportunity to obtain general knowledge about this field and, then, go on to pursue a more specific degree, such as medicine, agricultural sciences, applied science, etc. 

2. Business Administration

Students who pursue a major in business or business administration acquire a wide variety of skills and knowledge that are both transferable and can be applied to many different areas within business, such as marketing, finance, accounting, law, management, etc. 

3. Chemistry or Biochemistry

Just like what happens in biology majors, Chemistry or Biochemistry majors are perfect for those interested in science but are not sure about what area they would like to pursue. These majors are a gateway to a wide variety of options, for example, chemical or environmental engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, among others. 

4. Computer or Information Science

These general programs open doors to a variety of careers in different fields related to computer science, such as information technology and security, gaming technology, statistical analysis, software engineering and development, etc. All of these degrees lead to high salaries and successful careers, which is a very important aspect when deciding what to study. 

5. Economics

If you are even slightly interested in government, politics, law, finance, international relations or education, Economics is a great start. This major opens students doors to pursue degrees in any of the previously mentioned areas, but you don’t have to decide it yet, since a major in Economics will introduce you to all these and you’ll get to decide in the future. 

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