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Master of Arts in Politics and Sociology

The Master of Arts in Politics and Sociology in Political Science is offered by University of Aberdeen.

Program Length: 4 YEARS.

Master of Arts in Politics and Sociology offered by the University of Aberdeen

Politics and Sociology at Aberdeen is an excellent combination which gives you solid grounding in politics and political systems across the world and adds deeper study of the societies we are part of and how they shape us as individuals in all sorts of ways including the political decisions that we make. Top-rated teaching and a culture of dynamic research will make you a sought-after graduate by employers in many sectors, and with strong options in politics.

In Politics, you will be right at the front of debate on current world events – including Britain’s relationship with its European neighbours and movements of regionalisation within the EU and UK. You will explore voting behaviour, different political systems, making and implementing policy, nationalism, concepts of democracy and ever-present concerns of conflict and peace.

You can also take advantage of unique options made possible by the research pedigree of our academic team with a strong track record in publishing international papers and articles.

Sociology at Aberdeen will complement and add depth to your study of political systems and behaviour. You will explore how society shapes us as individuals in all sorts of ways and study sociology of the family, work-life balance, religion and society.

You will be taught by experts in social movements, conflict and peace, religion and secularisation and global political sociology and become skilled in the social research methods used to gather the evidence to better understand aspects of society – such as observation, interviews, large-scale surveys or analysing the content of documents and videos.

You will have great career options in politics, media, local and national government, NGOs and international affairs and also marketing and advertising, social and market research, teaching, health and social services, charities and human resources.

What You'll Study

Year 1
Compulsory Courses
Academic Writing for Social Sciences (AW1006)
Politics & International Relations 1: Democracy and Governance (PI1018)
Introduction to Sociology I: Self, Identity & Society (SO1007)
Politics & International Relations 2: Power and Conflict (PI1518)
Introduction to Sociology II: Systems of Power (SO1509)
Getting Started at the University of Aberdeen (PD1002)

Optional Courses
Select a further 60 credit points from courses of choice.

Year 2
Compulsory Courses
Ideas and Ideologies in Politics and International Relations (PI2009)
Global Politics: Equality and Inequality (PI2508)
Sociology of Everyday Life i: the Embodied Self (SO2006)
Sociology of Everyday Life II: Global Issues in the 21st Century (SO2509)

Year 3
Compulsory Courses
Social Research Methods (SO3524)
Researching in the 21st Century (PI3069)

Optional Courses
Select one of the following:

Thinking Sociologically (SO3066)
Religion and Society (SO3067)
Select 30 credit points from level 3 courses in Politics & International Relations.

Thinking Sociologically (SO3066)
Ten Sociological Studies (SO3568)
Modernization (SO3069)
The Politics of Nationalism (PI3078)
American Politics (PI3074)
Contemporary Challenges to African Security (IR3020)
Global Challenges in an Ethnographic Perspective (SL3504)
Digital Politics: Political Communication in the Internet Age(S) (PI3579)
Three Lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (PI3577)
Memory and Politics of the Past (PI3570)
Human Rights in Global Politics (PI3572)
International Terrorism Counterterrorism & International Relations (PI3567)
Nordic Politics (PI3555)
Working Together: Employability for Arts and Social Sciences (ED3536)

Year 4
Compulsory Courses
Select one of the following dissertation options:

Dissertation (Politics) (PI4071)
Research Project (SO4049)
Dissertation (PI4071)
Research Project Part 1 (SO4068)
Research Project Part 2 (SO4568)

Optional Courses
Plus further credit points from level 4 course(s) in Politics & International Relations and Sociology to gain a total of 60 credits in each discipline.

Politics and Religion (SO4557)
Sex, Death and the Afterlife (SO4565)
Sociology of Religion and Culture (SO4567)
Global Politics from the Middle East (IR4032)
Extreme Right in Western Europe (PI4060)
Energy and Climate Politics (PI4072)
The Political Anthropology of Indigenous Rights (AT4547)
War and Peace in International Politics (IR4528)
Science, Technology & International Relations (IR4534)
Wealth, Poverty and International Order (PI4576)
Dirty War and Its Aftermath (PI4577)
Democratization (PI4583)
Gender and Politics (PI4584)

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