Interested in Politics? Check out these online programmes offered by the University of Bath

Monday, May 11, 2020

Are you considering pursuing a career in Politics? The University of Bath offers you two top completely online bachelor’s degree programmes: a Bachelor of Science in Politics with Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Politics and International Relations. These two bachelor’s degree programmes are offered completely online through distance learning.

What is the study of Politics?

Political science, occasionally called politology, is a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, associated constitutions and political behavior.
Politics is broadly seen as the study of government, institutions and decision-making processes that govern the world we live in. It can also be the study of ideas, like justice, democracy, equality and freedom, and how power is distributed and exercised.

From international cooperation, conflicts and crises to the intricacies of electoral systems in particular nation states, the study of politics at university can encompass international relations, sociology, philosophy and economics, among other disciplines.

If you study one of the online bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the University of Bath through distance learning, you will deeply understand this fundamental part of our society. This field of study is of paramount importance because it gives individuals the ability to make necessary changes in the country’s affairs.

Moreover, if you study one of these online bachelor’s degree programmes, you will not only acquire a deep understanding of politics, but you will also study economics or international relations, whichever you prefer.

These two online bachelor’s degrees through distance learning offered by the University of Bath will provide you with a deep insight into the corresponding field of study and you will acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform your job in a thorough way, with responsibility and efficiency. 

Here are the top distance learning bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the University of Bath:

This online bachelor's degree offered by the Univesity of Bath is designed so that students study both politics and economics. The study of both allows one to be able to understand contemporary topics at national and global levels. Are you interested in global power, decision-making, democracy, and/or inequality? If the answer is yes, then this degree might be the right one for you.

Students will study various topics ranging from global development to political and economic ideologies and theories. 

The distance learning Bachelor of Science degree in Politics and International Relations gives students a solid foundation in politics and also trains them in international relations theory. This gives students the ability to apply political science theories to a global understanding. International relations, after all, seeks to understand the relationships between states and nation-states. 

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