University of Bath

University of Bath

Bachelor of Science in Politics with Economics

The Bachelor of Science in Politics with Economics in Political Science is offered by University of Bath.

Program Length: 3 YEARS.

Subjects: 12.

This degree is designed so that students study both politics and economics. The study of both allows one to be able to understand contemporary topics at national and global levels. Are you interested in global power, decision-making, democracy, and/or inequality? If the answer is yes, then this degree might be the right one for you.

Students will study various topics ranging from global development to political and economic ideologies and theories. 

This is a three-year, full-time program. The first year will go over concepts and theories related to politics and international relations. The second and third years will have students developing their knowledge of core subjects. The third year will also involve a year-long dissertation in politics. 

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