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Bachelor of Arts Honours in Politics with a year in industry

The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Politics with a year in industry in Political Science is offered by University of York.

Program Length: 4 YEARS.

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Politics with a year in industry offered by the University of York

Immerse yourself in the issues, events and ideas that are shaping our world – and our future.

Politics is all around us, and it’s moving fast. With our internationally renowned experts you’ll get to the very heart of political thinking.

Explore the principles of power – how it’s won and how it’s used to drive the decisions that influence our daily lives. You’ll discover how issues such as poverty, debt, terrorism, conflict and environmental change affect us all, and investigate emerging powers like China and India.

You will complete a professional placement in the third year of your course, allowing you to gain valuable personal and employability skills.

Course content
They offer a large choice of modules, helping you tailor the course to your own interests and passions.

Learn how to think politically about some of today's most pressing issues, such as:

The shifting balance of international power    
The challenges of human rights and global development    
Environmental sustainability   
Struggles for democracy    
The threat of terrorism   
The changing balance between government and civil society.

Study abroad
There are opportunities for you to spend time abroad during your course:
Explore global opportunities

Year 1
Core modules
These modules will give you an understanding of the key concepts, theories and approaches in each major area of politics.

What is Politics? (30 credits)
Introduction to Democratic Politics (30 credits)
Introduction to International Politics (30 credits)
Introduction to Political Theory (30 credits)

Academic integrity module
In addition to the above you will also need to complete the online Academic Integrity module.

Year 2
In your second year, you'll cover a diverse range of modules and hone the academic skills necessary to analyse political texts, political systems and processes.

Core module
Political Enquiry in Politics (30 credits)

Option modules
Choose one from Group A, one from Group A or B and one from Group A, B or C

Group A

Contemporary Political Philosophy (30 credits)
History of Political Thought (30 credits)
State, Economy and Society (30 credits)
Empire, War and Law (30 credits)
The Politics of Gender (30 credits)

Group B

Democracy, Autocracy and the State (30 credits)
Politics in the United Kingdom (30 credits)
The European Union: Politics and Policies (30 credits)
Politics of Development (30 credits)

Group C

War and Peace (30 credits)
The United States and Global Politics After the Cold War (30 credits)
Critical Global Security Studies (30 credits)
Global Political Economy (30 credits)
The Rising Powers (30 credits)

Year 3 (in industry)
You will undertake a one-year professional placement during the third year. This will help you to get ahead in the graduate job market by developing your employability and professional skills.

Recent placements include:

Research Assistant with Demos
Social Research Placement with the House of Commons Placement scheme
Political and Social Research Intern with Yougov 
EU Events Intern with the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels
Communications Assistant with Sainsburys
Communications & Government Affairs Placement with GSK

You will be responsible for finding your own placement, though we will help you identify and apply for a suitable position. If you're not successful in obtaining a placement you will transfer to the standard course.

Year 4
In your final year you'll build on the knowledge you've gained over your degree. The year culminates in a dissertation: an extended essay based on your own research.

Core module
Politics Dissertation (40 credits)
The dissertation is a chance for you to study a topic of your choice in depth. With the support of a supervisor, you'll identify a question and conduct independent research to find an answer. You will have the opportunity to learn and use quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques which are essential for modern social science research.

Option modules
You'll choose four modules from a wide range of options that vary year to year. Recent modules include:

Governing the Global Economy (20 credits)
Green Politics (20 credits)
Karl Marx (20 credits)
Border Politics: Contemporary Perspectives on Sovereignty, Mobility & Citizenship (20 credits)
The Labour Party and Britain’s Struggle for Socialism (20 credits)
Ethnicity and Conflict (20 credits)
‘We the people’: Ideas of Democratic Representation from Rousseau to Occupy (20 credits)
Terrorism and Counterterrorism (20 credits)
Global Politics of Nuclear Weapons (20 credits)
Africa and International Politics (20 credits)
Knowledge and Democracy (20 credits)
Contemporary Politics of South Asia (20 credits)
Gender War and Militarism (20 credits)
Development Paradigms (20 credits)
Insurgency and Civil Wars: Causes and Dynamics (20 credits)
Statebuilding and Political Transition in South East Asia (20 credits)
British Foreign Policy after the Cold War (20 credits)
Political Transition in the Middle East: A Century of Conflict (20 credits)
Governmentality: Michel Foucault and the Analytics of Power (20 credits)
Political Economy of New Europe (20 credits)
The Idea of Liberty (20 credits)
The European Far Right (20 credits)
Health and World Politics (20 credits)
Politics and the Street (20 credits)
Regionalism in World Politics (20 credits)
Global Food (20 credits)
Global Sustainability and Energy Policy (20 credits)
The Politics of (Post) Colonialism (20 credits)
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (20 credits)
Politics of Peace after Civil War (20 credits)
Politics of the Novel (20 credits)
Political Psychology and Public Opinion (20 credits)
International Crisis Diplomacy (20 credits)

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